Jaguar 6 Cylinder Engine Rebuilds.

All engine rebuilds follow a set procedure. When your engine arrives it will be photographed and all serial numbers and components noted. This ensures that you will have your own unit and ancillary parts returned.

Your engine will be fully stripped and chemically cleaned, after which all components will be inspected. Crankshafts, conrods, blocks and heads will be inspected for cracks and suitability for overhaul.

At this stage you will be contacted if any major problems are noted ( you can visit to discuss if you wish ).

From here your engine components will pass through our machine shops. Crankshafts will have the journals ground and polished as required. The complete crank assembly will be balanced. Conrods will be balanced, bushed, sized and matched and have new bolts and nuts fitted.

Cylinder blocks will be checked for main bearing alignment and rectified by line boring if required (there may be additional charges for rectification work, but you will be advised in advance). Where applicable, cylinder liners will be removed and internal waterways cleaned. Replacement liners will be fitted ( note, if flanged liners are required to repair cracks, damage or to strengthen the block for competition use, an extra charge may be made. Again we will always consult you before proceeding ).

The block will be rebored and honed to suit replacement pistons and rings. It will then be surface ground and cleaned and painted. New core plugs will be fitted. The bottom end of the engine will then be carefully assembled using top quality, heavy-duty bearings, gaskets and seals. All timing chains will be replaced along with the tensioner and chain dampers. Sprockets and bushes will be checked for damage and replaced as required.

Oil pumps are replaced with standard specification rotor pumps, or "blue printed" pumps for modified engines. XK120 (and early XK 140) gear type pumps are rebuilt.

Cylinder heads are crack tested, waterways machined and welded as required. (There may be a small additional charge for extremely badly corroded waterways, of which you will be advised). Valve guides will be replaced and/or linered and will be compatible for lead free fuel. Exhaust valve seats will be replaced for lead free use and cut to suit valves. Inlet seats will be cut to suit valves (damaged or ‘sunk’ seats will be replaced, you will be advised of any extra charge in advance). Bucket guides will be inspected and sized. Loose or worn bucket guides will be replaced (any extra costs will be advised). New valves, springs, stem seals, shims and followers will be fitted.

Camshafts will be reprofiled as required. (For non standard camshafts, valve and head work, please see the VS01, VS02 and Club Sport leaflets). Chamber sizes will be checked and the head face surfaced. The head casting will be refurbished as per original. (Painted and polished to correct original specification). The head will be carefully assembled and shimmed and vacuum tested. New manifold studs will be fitted.

The head will then be reunited with the block, using new cylinder head studs, chrome nuts and composite head gasket. Cam covers will be either polished or repainted as applicable, fitted with new chrome nuts and copper washers. New spark plugs will be fitted and installation gaskets supplied.

The finished engine unit will then be either refitted with the customers own ancillaries (carbs, manifolds, water pump, distributor, filter head, flywheel, crank damper, etc) and hot tested under its own power in our test cell for £70. Or basic units without customers own ancillaries can be tested under power using our ancillaries free of charge.

We offer a reconditioning service for carbs, distributors, filter heads, flywheels and crank dampers ‘in house’ at very competitive prices. We are also able to supply, from stock, clutch kits, cooler kits, coils, leads, engine mounts etc.